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3D printed replacement parts for IKEA's iconic, but sadly discontinued, Gilbert Chair.

3D Printed IKEA Gilbert Replacement Feet

These feet are direct replacements for your original IKEA Gilbert feet and will match your existing original feet.
Measuring approximately 0.75 inches in diameter, these feet are nearly identical to the feet produced by IKEA.

In the package, you will receive:

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3D Printed IKEA Gilbert Anti-Scuff Feet w/Felt

These feet are larger than the original IKEA feet and incorporate a 1" diameter felt pad, to protect your beautiful wood floors.
With a diameter of approximately 1 inch, these feet are larger than the feet produced by IKEA.
These feet are designed to fit your IKEA Gilbert chairs.

In the package, you will receive:

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3D printed IKEA Gilbert Chair feet plugs

These chair feet plugs fit inside your chair legs and connect the feet to the legs.
These are a direct replacement for the original IKEA gilbert chair feet plugs and are compatible with original IKEA Gilbert chair feet, 3D printed chair feet, and 3D printed anti-scuff chair feet.

In the package you will receive:

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Are you looking for parts not in our catalog?

We are interested in expanding our offerings. Please contact us with the make and model of your chair. If your chair feet work for our process, we'll send you a set of feet for free. Be aware that not all chair feet are 3D printable, and not all feet make sense for us to print.

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